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Hypothetically speaking

Posted on 2009.04.28 at 14:31
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I don't know if it is because I am an actor that I am constantly looking at situations and reactions to situations in a hypothetical way.

It may be because I am a coward and I can only bring myself to ask "what if" instead of committing to a course of action.

It may be that if I can come up with enough alternate endings then I can replace my memories with what i didn't have the courage to do, and they in turn will become my history.

It may be that I am just a dreamer who is unsatisfied with the restrictions of the reality of the world I live in so i create these scenarios so I don't become too bitter.

But lately i find myself asking "what if" more often than why not.


what if I kicked you in the face right now?
What if my leg was long enough to kick you in the face right now?
What if I screamed at the top of my lungs the next time someone asked for a bowl of lemons with their water?
What if I directed and starred in the show instead of waiting to find a director?
What if I had enough faith in someone else to play the part?
What if you stayed?
What if I drove to the airport and ran onto the runway and your plane had to be grounded?
what if I didn't get arrested when I committed the afore mentioned hypothetical situation because the arresting officers still think about the one who got away?
What if I left without ever looking back?
What if I showed up at your door?
What if I had the courage to do all of the things I dream about?

and the beat goes on

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