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smoking baby

My life as told by Steve Martin

Posted on 2009.05.08 at 01:06
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These words were written by steve martin, they were arranged by me to tell a/my/your/our story. Enjoy.

Chapter 1
All day long, I look into stranger’s eyes and ask them what they want. I wait for them to ask me what I want, but they never do. I set the plates down in front of them, and for a second, I close my eyes and wait for a touch on the hand that never comes

There's someone out there for everyone - even if you need a pickaxe, a compass, and night goggles to find them.

Chapter 2
Are you the kind of person that takes time to get to know, and then once you get to know them... they're fabulous?

A kiss may not be the truth, but it is what we wish were true.

So, I can either hurt now or hurt later.

How is it possible, he thinks, to miss a woman whom he kept at a distance so that when she was gone he would not miss her. Only then does he realize that wanting part of her and not all of her had hurt them both and how he cannot justify his actions except that... well... it was life.

Why is it that we don't always recognize the moment when love begins but we always know when it ends?

Sitting there at that moment I thought of something else Shakespeare said. He said, "Hey... life is pretty stupid; with lots of hubbub to keep you busy, but really not amounting to much." Of course I'm paraphrasing: "Life is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

So now I will wait for a man who will stand before me at arm’s length, and I will hand him unimaginable pain. And he will stand neither moving forward or move back. Then I will hand him unimaginable joy. And he will stand neither moving forward nor moving back. Then and only then, will I slit myself from here to here, open up my skin and close him into me.

Chapter 3
Im an okay guy, by the way.

Are you the kind of person that takes time to get to know, and then once you get to know them... they're fabulous?

All I'm saying is that, when I'm around you, I find myself showing off, which is the idiot's version of being interesting.

but all I could think was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful and yet again, wonderful.

A woman needs to be held, even, and science has shown this, if its with someone she doesn't care about. Protective hormones are released, and the amount of hormones released depends on the degree to which she is held. The first and best is the complete surround. He wraps you in both arms, whispers how beautiful you are. Second best is the 'arm around.' He is next to you but with one arm around you. Third is he's just next to you on his elbow, but he rests his hand on your stomach and looks at you. Fourth is you snuggling up to him with your head on his chest, while he looks away into space. But when the first best happens, you feel completely, wonderfully like a woman.

on the day your plane was to leave, if I had the power, I would turn the winds around, I would roll in the fog, I would bring in storms, I would change the polarity of the earth so compasses couldn't work, so your plane couldn't take off.

and the beat goes on


thatchriscogirl at 2009-05-10 16:10 (UTC) (Link)
ok so i'm in love with steve martin and i thoroughly enjoyed this post. you should make sure to read Born Standing Up if you haven't already.
molly_be at 2009-05-20 00:34 (UTC) (Link)
I haven't but I will! Did you know he has an album of songs he wrote for the banjo? its pretty good stuff
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